Data Management System Getting Started Guide

What is a Data (Content) Management System)?

The Data Management System (DMS) is the core component in a web or mobile application architecture. It provides all the tools for the essential operation of the application, this can be summarised as follows:

Software Module DB schema controller - This is used by software developers to add, configure, remove data items to/from the database tables that a software module uses to store data. See the user guide Module Configuration for more information.

Data entry and validation controller - Data entry is the essential for any web or mobile application; the DMS provides the user interface for this process to occur.

Data import/export utility - There is often a need to bulk-upload (or update) data (see user guide Import/Export for more information)   

What is a Data Module?

A data module encapsulates related functions in a web or mobile application. An application may contain many data modules, and each serves unique and separate business operations, for example customer data, product data, document library, etc.

How do I open a data module?

Login into WebDirector using your Username and Password.

The available data modules will be listed on the left of the dashboard.

Note: The software modules that appear in the drop down list will vary depending on your User Profile access rights.

What are Categories and Assets?

Categories are group of items for related topics. Most categories have a number of other categories listed as sub-categories. Click on these categories to navigate through the category tree to find more specific groups of items.

Assets let you define information that is common to a group of assets.

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