Adding Rows and Columns


All web pages are made up of a grid of rows and columns, the same as a table or columns and rows.  In Visual Editor you can add any number of rows and define the number of columns in each row.  In each column you can add content such as text, images and videos.


Adding a Row

To add a row to a web page, click on the large plus icon at the bottom of the webpage, as show below.

You will now see the Widget Selection tool, click on the Row Widget.

Adding Columns

After adding a row (or element such as a text block, image, etc), you are able to split the row into more than one column.

Click on the columns icon (as shown below)

After selecting the appropriate columns setup, simply by clicking on one of the icons under the Row Layout label, click on the Save button ( your row will be split into the columns setup you have chosen, as shown below this example is 2 columns of equal width 1/2, 1/2)

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